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16. Data Security & Disposal

When any personal data is to be erased or otherwise disposed of for any reason (including where copies have been made and are no longer needed), it should be securely deleted and disposed of.

We may at any point not disclose any of your personal information and your card details to any of the other entities or groups of companies. You with huge trust and belief have disclosed all of your information on your card and personal entities shall not be leaked without any consent.

This policy in turn may lead you to feel free to share your information for all of our transactions in order to proceed with the requirements/ordering with us through any mode of payment.

In case of any misleads from your stand to have your card details to get disclosed to any other entities, FusionPOS is not viably responsible for any terms and disclosures occurring further.

For any request for data deletion, please send us a request email at: support@fusionpos.uk